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There are countless cases that prove the law of attraction works for ANYTHING you want. History is full of people who wanted something so deeply and did not accept failure. Regardless of how big their dream was or how unattainable it seemed, eventually it manifested itself. They were using the law of attraction before the term was ever coined.

So what differentiates those who manifest their dreams to those who do not? It comes down to just one thing.

Whether you are brand new to the law of attraction or a seasoned veteran, the one thing that you need to get started and need throughout the entire manifestation process is desire.


Think about the law of attraction like a magic genie. Whatever you ask for, you will eventually receive. However, you have to ask your genie a lot, like every day, for quite a while. Sometimes manifestation takes time and without a strong desire most people will lose motivation when things get tough or uncomfortable. It is in our human nature to give up in difficult times in order to avoid pain but desire is what makes the difference between success and failure.


The law of attraction filters out those who “kind of” want something from those who have a deep desire to manifest it. There have been many things I wished to attract into my life. I placed them onto a vision board and did what I could to manifest it. After a few weeks I lost motivation for that thing and quit all attempts to attract it. In hindsight, I am glad I quit because I never truly desired those things, they just seemed kind of cool to have. It was by finding out what I do not want which lead me to knowing what I do want. I hope most people will avoid this unnecessary effort by taking the time to clarify what they want.

Take a minute to imagine a world where everyone got what they wanted almost immediately…

Yea, I wouldn’t want to live there either. It would be a sad world to live in. Things would come and go and there would be no appreciation or gratitude for them.

Would you be grateful for something that you wished for and received soon after? At first probably, but that gratitude would be short-lived. When you spend your valuable time and energy working towards attaining something and it’s finally in your life you cherish it. When you finally have what you wanted so badly, you have no other choice but to feel grateful. When you feel grateful, it is impossible to be unhappy and this puts you in the perfect mindset for using the law of attraction effectively.

We tend to not appreciate things in our lives that come free or easily. Like myself and many of my friends, I never really appreciated the opportunity I had in school. I was the type of person to do the minimum and nothing more. As a result I went through school with C’s and when I really liked a subject I came home with B’s. It was not until college that I realized I have to pay them money regardless of the grades I get. This changed my study habits completely and I can only imagine the grades I would have gotten had I learned this lesson earlier.

Important: No matter how long it takes you, you should not begin until you know exactly what you want it. This will save you an immense amount of frustration. You have far more power when you are clear as to what you want.


Nothing manifests immediately and that is why an overwhelming desire to manifest something is key. That desire is what motivates people to keep working towards its attainment. Anything less than a strong desire and no one will stand a chance of using the law of attraction to its utmost potential.

If you have a strong desire to the point where it becomes an obsession then you are on the right path.

If your “want” is an obsession then you are more than halfway there. An obsession is an idea or thought that constantly preoccupies your mind. The law of attraction states that you are what you think, therefore, if you posses that deep desire then without a doubt you will attract it into your life. From that deep desire will come ambition to take action and achieve that goal.


There are a number of ways to turn desire in to physical reality, but remember that you already posses the most important ingredient of all.

Desire is the beginning for anything you wish to attract.

  1. You need to know exactly what you want and write it down. Write it in a notebook or place it on a vision board, somewhere you will see it every single day. Do not be vague when describing your dreams. The more clear-cut the better. If you wish to use the law of attraction for a car then write down the make, model, year, color, manual or automatic, etc. If you wish to attract a partner then write down their characteristics, hair color, eye color, height, etc. If you wish to attract more money into your business then write down the means by which you will obtain the money, the type of clients or customers you want, how much you want to earn, a date at which you will earn it, etc.
  2. Proceed to write down why you want what you want. If the reasons are powerful enough then you will be led you to your destination. The opposite is true as well. If you reasons are too weak then you are sure to meet with obstacles. Make sure your “why” is powerful enough for you to get through tough times. For example, lets say someone is facing financial troubles and they wish to attract more money. One of their reasons “why” might be to provide for their family which is incredibly compelling and will certainly be fuel to the fire.
  3. Next, write with this a plan of action. Whoever says that the law of attraction works with just thinking all day should not be trusted. Nothing worth having was manifested without taking action. You do not have to be crystal clear about the means of attracting your desire, that is more of the universes job. But do be aware that you do need to act towards that achievement to make it happen. This plan of action does not have to be anything HUGE just something to get your momentum started.


If you would like to use the law of attraction for weight loss and to live a healthier lifestyle then the action you need to take is clear; eat healthier food, exercise and live a more active lifestyle. Eventually you might attract new friends who have active hobbies.The same can not be said if someone wishes to attract more money through their business. This can be more of a vague call to action because there are more than just a few definite ways of achieving it. Whatever you wish to have you must create a plan to achieve it and start immediately. If you would like to use the law of attraction to find love, then your plan of action might be going to more social events or signing up for an online dating site. It does not matter if you think are ready or not, just start with baby steps right away. As time goes on, you will attract more people and situations that will get you closer to your goal.


After you have written a clear statement about what you want, you should read it out loud a minimum of twice per day. When you read it you must feel as if you are already in possession of your “want” using your emotions. This is extremely important. Imagine how you would feel, what your emotions would be like if you attracted what you wanted. Now use those same emotions when repeating your statement. The more you feel like you are already in possession of it and put that energy into the universe, the faster the law of attraction works. The fastest and most effective way to feel as if you are already in possession of it is through visualization. Visualization is like a muscle which you must train. It might seem difficult at first but you will get better with practice.I have noticed that I began  visualizing very well once I became crystal clear as to what I want and know what it looks like. If you intend to attract money then visualize not only the money but the lifestyle. (How to Visualize Money)

Ask yourself

How would my life be different with this money?

What clothes would I wear?

What car would I drive?

How would my home be furnished?

What activities would I do during my time off?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will have a much more vivid picture of how that money would change your life.

While reading your statement a minimum of twice per day, you not only have to act as if it is already yours and visualize it but you have believe you can acquire it. If you have any doubt about acquiring something, it will most certainly slow and possibly cease its manifestation.

Doubt, skepticism and fear comes natural to every human being. There is no need to worry because research has proven that we can literally trick out minds into any kind of belief we want.

The human mind is completely programmable just like a computer that we can input information to create a certain outcome. If you find it hard believing we are programmable then I would remind you of a time that you wanted to learn something new. Of course it was difficult at first, but eventually you learned and got better with practice. You made progress through consistent repeated acts. This is a prime example of how the mind can be programmed through repetition. Learning something is very similar to creating belief in yourself. You just need to practice and repeat certain steps over and over.


Incantations are the remedy for the problem which many people face – doubt.

Incantations are powerful and emotional statements that we can use to program the mind to believe anything through repetition. Incantations are unlike affirmations which tell you to just read something over and over. Reading a phrase or statement repeatedly  without any emotions will most likely get you what you want but it will often take much longer. We are focusing on the tactics and strategies that work as fast as possible. Incantations on the other hand are far more effective if used properly.

A general incantation can go something like this:

“I know for a fact that I am capable of achieving my goal of _________. I am confident in my ability to do so and demand that I make it a reality. I will accept nothing less and no one can or will ever hold me back from attaining it.”

**The underlined words are meant to be stated with high intensity**

When making your incantation statement do not make it passively. Stand up, walk around, state it LOUDLY, blast some “feel good” music, move your arms, use every part of your body, and use your emotions. This will be far more effective than reading a statement in your bed quietly. The reason for this is because you are attempting to influence your subconscious mind into removing all doubt in your ability to achieve or attain something.

Did you know that when two people meet for the first time, the most certain person is the one that influences the other? Picture yourself trying to influence your subconscious mind. The only way to do so effectively is with certainty. Incantations are meant to be stated with an abundance of emotion, intensity and most of all certainty. You must use your body and you voice to do so.

Incantations, if consistent and properly used, can remove doubts and replace them with belief. If you want to believe that you can lose weight then you can do that. The same goes for attracting money, a partner, a house, a car, new job, etc.

Along with your goal and plan of action, it is a must that you state your incantations out loud daily.

Lets clarify what is necessary to begin the manifestation process.

  1. Have a deep desire to achieve or acquire something
  2. Write down exactly what you want and the reasons why you want it
  3. Create a plan by which you can begin to make it come to life and act on it immediately
  4. Read out loud a minimum of twice every day what you want with emotion
  5. Visualize yourself already in possession of your “want”
  6. Read out loud your incantation(s) twice every day with certainty

Eventually your statements you wrote out will become burned in your brain through so much repetition. This is excellent! Whenever you have time throughout your day, repeat those statements to yourself again and again. It doesn’t have to be all of the time throughout the day. Maybe on your lunch break or in the car, just confirm it to yourself a few more times. If you go above and beyond to really make yourself believe then you will not be disappointed.

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