The Law of Attraction & Visualization: Why it’s Critical & How to do it Effectively

how to visualize

Visualization, what is it?

Visualization is the formation of visual images in our mind. When we control and direct the images we hold in our mind, it can literally foreshadow our lives. By consistently and effectively visualizing we can literally attract the images of our mind into our lives.

A Visualization Experiment…

There was a study put together where basketball players were broken up into three groups for 30 days. The 1st group was told to practice one hour a day shooting free throws. The 2nd group was told just to visualize one hour a day making free throws. The 3rd group was told not to practice or play basketball. After the 30 days they were tested. The 1st group that was told to practice improved by 24%. The 2nd group that was told to just visualize improved by 23%. The 3rd group that was told to not pick up a basketball did not improve. The purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate the power of visualization and our minds because the mind can’t tell the difference between what we vividly image and reality. The more clearly we see our desires, the easier it will be attracted to us.

Why does visualization work?

When one visualizes effectively, they can literally play out a situation in their mind before it happens. You can literally become a magnet for whatever is being visualized. If visualization is done enough times over and over, along with other belief exercises, it begins to build a huge amount of certainty in one’s ability to attain whatever they desire. When we create certainty, this allows anyone to tap their full potential. When full potential is tapped people take action they get great results. And when you achieve your desire, your mind tells you “see I told you it could be done.” All because they witnessed the end result of their desire.

Beating Olympic records in his head

Roger Bannister was the 1st person ever to run a sub-four minute mile. He would train as much as his body would allow him but he could never beat a 4 minute mile. So he started to use his mind. He would go there in his mind and visualize himself running a mile in less than 4 minutes. Where his body could not go, he took his mind. Eventually he reached his goal and ran a mile in 3 min 59.4 seconds. 2 years later, 37 other people did too. Today, kids in high school are running 4 minute miles. But before Roger Bannister it was not a common belief that it was even possible. It is all because people knew beating a 4 minute mile was possible because Roger Bannister did it. But before that, Bannister had to know it was possible in his mind first.

Ever wonder why the greatest business tycoons are given the title of visionary?

They have a vision of what the future looks like and they manifest it into physical form.

How to effectively visualize 

Lets start with what you do want and what does it look like. If you want to attract money then what does your everyday life look like with that money? What does it look like from the moment you get up to the moment your head hits the pillow? With that money, what will your home look like? What car will you drive? How will you spend your leisure time? Write it out in detail.

If its weight you want to lose, what does your life look like? Is it a life full of more activity? What do your clothes look like? How will your friends react the first see you since a dramatic weight loss? What do your eating habits look like?

If you want a new car then what does it look like? How does it drive? What does it sound like? What music will you blast when you’re driving it?

Detail it out clearly and become conscious of it.

Use tangible tools

After you’ve written the details out, you can use some tangible tools that will help in the visualization process. Tangible tools are something that you can hold, look at or listen to in order to visualize your desire more effectively. You can make a vision board which is simply a piece of poster board with images or words of whatever you wish to attract and manifest. You can go out and experience what you want right now and document the experience with video or pictures.

For example, if you would like a new car, go test drive it and get the feeling of owning it.

If you want a new house, go look for it and get the feeling of having it. After the initial excitement wears off, use the videos and pictures to re-create the feeling and experience in order to visualize it successfully.

If you want more money, you can do exactly what I did which was buy reams of printer paper and cut them into the size of money, stack about 100 at a time and put a band around them.

Law of Attraction Tactics

You can use audio and blast the song you imagine yourself driving to, or the song you imagine yourself cooking in your new house to, etc.

Making it a habit

You have a few strategies to implement but the real key to visualization is to make it a habit. This should be done daily. Start by going somewhere relaxing where no one can interrupt you. Close your eyes and mentally go through your list that you made about what your life will be look like once you have manifested your desire. Do this until the image becomes clear in your mind. You can grab whatever tangible tool you decide to use and begin to apply that in your daily visualization exercise. You should feel as if it’s really happening. Try to do this exercise a minimum of once per day for about 10-15 minutes. Run the scenarios over and over in your mind and you will see that soon you will be living your dreams.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog! I have MANY goals that I see myself achieving and this article just confirmed what I’ve been thinking!

    Thank you for articulating more clearly how to visualize what is already mine!!!

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