The Truth About The Law of Attraction

The truth about the law of attraction


The law  of attraction can change a person’s life once one understands how to use it to its utmost potential. It has the capability to do anything you wish. However, I believe that there is more to the law of attraction than positive and wishful thinking. I have used the aaw of attraction many times in my life. I admit that I have used it well, other times, not so well. Regardless, it always worked when I applied the fundamentals. When I dug deeper into actually living the law of attraction, that is when I noticed the its unlimited power.


When I discovered the law of attraction, I was blown away at the possibilities. Literally my life has never been the same since. After watching “The Secret” I felt like I only scratched the surface. There was much more to learn and I was determined to find out. The movie made it seem to me that the law of attraction was something to use at a whim. I understand that there were a number of people contributing in a 80 minute movie. Obviously not everything would be covered but I believe that the law of attraction is best utilized as a way of life rather than a tool.

Another factor that I believe needs clarification is the comment from “The Secret” that we attract everything into our lives, good and bad. I do agree that we have attracted a majority of the people, material things, experiences, etc., but to say we attract everything is a lie.The truth is, the law of attraction is in no way a guarantee for a completely trouble-free life. There will be events or experiences in our lives that will be out of our control because we can not control other people. It is wrong to think that the law of attraction to will bring a life without hardship. What we need to understand is that the quality of out life depends on how we respond to those situations.

After studying this more in-depth, I came to the conclusion that:

1) The unlimited power in the law of attraction is to make it a mindset and lifestyle

2) We can not always control situations but we can control how we respond to them


I first began my journey to better myself after watching the movie “The Secret.” This was a great crash course in the fundamentals but I admit I was not a better person because of it. To me, the law of attraction was a tool that will get me whatever I want. Make no mistake, it certainly is a tool, however, it is much more powerful once you stop thinking of it as a tool and start thinking of it as a mindset.

When I used the law of attraction as a tool, I would change my ways as I saw fit until my desires manifested. Then I would continue living and allow life to happen to me until I wanted to change something about it. With this application of the law of attraction I noticed that I was not creating my life. This did not make the long-term change I was seeking. It was not until I began thinking of the law of attraction as a way of life that consistent change began.

A mindset is something that is always with you and is an established way of thinking. It is not something to you take on and take off, it is part of your identity. Did you know that how you define yourself is followed by related behaviors? If you tell yourself that you are fat then your behavior will act accordingly. The same is true if you define yourself as wealthy, poor, lucky, unlucky, smart, stupid, confident, shy or anything else that lifts you up or pulls you down. After consciously or unconsciously defining who you are, behaviors will come after and eventually turn into habits.

When someone tries to change a behavior they are often faced with much difficulty. They are trying to change a behavior caused by how they think rather than changing how they think which will change their behavior. One might have short-term success with behavior changes but the long-term success does not come until you change how you define yourself.

How would you behave if you told yourself that you live the law of attraction?

I would assume that you would:

  • Immerse yourself in the studies of it in order to create your life
  • Live in a positive vibration at (almost) all times by controlling your thoughts
  • Be aware of the negative influences that hold you back and have the courage to step away from it
  • Be aware of what makes you happy and embrace it

You would certainly live differently if it was a state of mind rather than just a tool. I challenge you to read a statement to yourself everyday. This statement should go something like “I live the law of attraction and all of its principles.” Repeat this to yourself with certainty several times per day and I am sure your behavior will follow accordingly.


Lets now transition to the statement made about us attracting everything into our lives. In no way is it possible to control every single part of our lives. In no way is it possible to be or feel responsible for certain “bad” situations that happen. Sometimes we are responsible for our thoughts creating a negative situation, but not everything negative is the result of our thoughts. For example, your thoughts are not responsible for a loved one hurting themselves or a loved one being diagnosed with an illness. Your thoughts are not responsible for the family you were born into or the current economy. What you really are responsible for is how you respond to those unwanted situations.

Have you ever had a time in your life that was really difficult? Something happened, either you lost a job or broke up with a partner. Whatever it might be, I am here to tell you that the reason it was hard was because that was the meaning you gave it. That experience or situation was that way because that was how you interpreted it. That time was hard and I have no doubt about it. I would ask you that if some time has passed did you learn anything? Did you grow as a person?

I along with my fiance both had our hearts broken before we finally met and gave love another chance. Our interpretation of those breakups have changed over time. When it happened it was painful but today we are grateful for it. If it was not for those break ups we would have never fallen in love.

One of my best friends wanted a career change so he moved to New York City to sell luxury real estate. A commission based career such as real estate in a big city like New York is cut throat. I remember talking to him almost every week on the phone trying to keep his spirits up. He told me how he was at one of the lowest points in his life at that time. He hadn’t received a paycheck in months, he was sleeping on friends couches and twice I had to lend him money so he could get by. I am sure if I bring those memories up again he would still have some painful emotions. It has been 2 years since he started that new career and he is doing well for himself. I know he did not particularly like the experience but he came out a stronger person because of it.

It is easy to look at a current situation and point out all of the bad things. It is also easy to look at a current situation and point out the good. We know that wherever our focus is our energy goes. Instead of focusing all of your on energy what is wrong, focus on what is right. 

I was in a negative mindset for quite some time when I first started my current job. I took this job because a business I had started was not making the money I had hoped. The job I have is at a technology distribution company and I work in online sales. As part of the online sales team I sit in front of a computer all day. This was not what I wanted out of my life and I was becoming very bitter because of it. I would often complain about the money I was paid and the fact that I was making someone else rich. It felt like venting but honestly it never made me feel any better. It also never made me any more money. Most days I would come home from work with a pounding headache and just frustrated with where I was in life. One day I guess you could say I lost it. I literally felt the negativity and stress throughout my body caused by my thinking. I knew a change had to be made and I knew it started with my thinking. Once I began learning how to change myself and my thinking, my job and life changed.

I took the whole changing myself seriously. The first thing I did was change the meaning of my job. My original interpretation of my job was that I am there only to make someone else rich and I am wasting my life away doing so. I then changed the meaning of my job to a place where I can learn and get paid doing so. When I say learn I do not mean learn about the technology business. I mean learn what I wanted to learn; self-help. I am lucky enough to have a job where I can put in my headphones for hours at a time and no one bothers me. Instead of listening to music all day I decided to download audio programs. 8 Hours a day, 5 days a week I am getting paid to learn what I want to learn. This change in thinking has caused a complete 180 in my body. I no longer come home from work with headaches and rarely feel stressed. I am actually happy to go to work because I can sit there and absorb more of what interests me.

After I changed my thinking I was actually excited and happy to go to work. Then I really harnessed my focus on making more money. I did not know exactly how it would happen but I trusted it would. Within one month I had earned an extra $600 working the same hours at the same job for the same pay.

The point is that we have the ability to choose what things mean to us. Myself and my fiance could have told ourselves that love is terrible and never want to experience the pain of a break up again. My friend could have decided that real estate was not for him and it was too difficult. I could have chosen to stay in the same mindset that I was making someone else rich. Instead we chose to change the meaning and therefore change our lives. I hope that this helps all those out there that want to make a true difference in their lives. Try looking at your situation from a different angle and you will get a different perspective.

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