A Quick Tip to Program Your Subconscious Mind

A Quick Tip to Program Your Subconscious Mind

A Quick Tip to Program Your Subconscious Mind

The incredible power of your subconscious mind is often overlooked. Many of your decisions are the product of your subconscious thoughts and every decision you make is shaping your life.

If you wish to manifest your dreams then you must influence your subconscious mind to believe it is yours and that you can have it. You want to positively influence your subconscious mind as much as possible because repetition creates belief and certainty. Once you believe in your abilities, you are much more likely to act and follow through with anything else required to manifest your dreams.

That is how and why affirmations work so well.

If you tell yourself anything over and over, eventually, you will believe it as truth. It does not matter whether it is actually true or false, your subconscious mind will always take it as truth.

A fantastic and easy way to influence your subconscious mind is with your passwords. Change your passwords to something you would like to achieve. Many people have a few different passwords. You can change them to affect different areas of your life.

For example lets say you want $10,000 by January 1st. A good password could be 10GrandJan1

Or maybe you want to loose 15 pounds by Febraury 1st try 15PoundsLighterFeb1

Repeating this over and over will embed your goal deep within your subconscious mind and eventually it will act on it as truth.

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8 thoughts on “A Quick Tip to Program Your Subconscious Mind

  1. Hi Nathalie,

    That is fantastic! Not many people have that gift. Take a peek around the website and download the free ebook. Hopefully that will allow you to really utilize The Law of Attraction to its utmost potential.

  2. Thank you for these tips. I appreciate any help i can get towards my financial freedom. You are Awesome I need lots of friends like you too! Peace
    Joe D.

  3. Thank you Michael for your free ebook. Like you said the l of a is a mindset and I live and breathe it and blog daily on what I’ve learnt from Abraham. I’m climbing Everest base camp on April, and am wanting to help a potential summiteer to raise 11k to reach the summit, it’s a dream he’s had for 20 years. He attempted it last year but had to abandon due to the 16 Sherpas being unfortunately killed.

    Anyway, you’ve re-inspired me immensely and I’m going to focus and visualise. Thank you.

    Loraine Denison x

  4. Thank you for the free book. It is very generous of you to share. Also the password suggestion is a very good idea. I wish you much joy and abundance!

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