How to Visualize Money

How To Visualize Money

We all want to be able to attract more money into our lives. The question is “how can we visualize money better, faster and easier to get the results we want?”

Well, first we need to understand why visualization is so important while using the law of attraction.

The law of attraction states that the dominating thoughts in our mind eventually turn into physical reality. If we are constantly thinking about money we might not always attract more of it. It depends how you think of it.  If you are thinking about bills and lack of money in your life, you will surely attract more of that. The key is to think about the abundance of money that there is in the world.

Did you know that your mind and body are so in sync that the mind does not know the difference between if you are actually doing something or just visualizing it? Therefore, if you can visualize clearly that will send out the vibration and frequency of you already having it. That is what we are after,anything that can put us in the same frequency as what we wish to attract. Once we can achieve that frequency then the rest is up to the universe. Might I add that the universe does not fail to produce results.

Here are a few tips to visualize money effectively.

Make it a habit

Make visualization a habit once in the morning and once in the evening. This should be a habit, not a chore. Also, do it as many times are you can during the day. If you want to attract money you must be consistent in the strategies you use. No one ever got rich with irregular habits.

If you have a smartphone, download the free app “Lift.” It is an app that helps you reach goals and put them into action. One of my visualization goals is to “Envision success and prosperity” right in the middle of the day at 3 pm. I set the time I want to be notified of my goal and am reminded of it every day.

Use tangible tools

Visualizing is powerful but road blocks go up quick if you don’t have tools that provoke vivid visualizations. Do not simply close your eyes and visualize money coming in with weak intentions. Good triggers can make those visualizations very real.

I have been depositing checks through my banks app on my phone. It saves me a trip to the bank and I also get to hold onto old checks. I use these checks as one of my triggers. Holding thousands of dollars worth of checks with my name on it gets me in the zone!

Another tool that gets the visualization juices pumping is holding money, large amounts of money. I do this everyday and it costs no more than a ream of paper. The most money I ever held in my hand at one time was $10,000 when I sold one of my cars. Once I began implementing the law of attraction I thought back to that time when I ran my thumb through it, smelled it, counted it over and over. With that thought fresh in my mind, I decided to cut paper in the size of real money (6.14″ x 2.61″) in order to make it even more real. I made stacks of 100 and made a $10,000 label to wrap around each. Every morning I quietly pace back and forth with my eyes closed holding $50,000 in each hand.

Law of Attraction Tactics


If you have a little bit of disposable income, I would recommend taking a $100 or $50 dollar bill and proceed to wrap it around smaller bills. Keep this in your pocket or wallet but do not spend it. Whenever you are out and about, always know that you can afford what you want. Use this to aid in your visualization of whatever you desire to have.

Music is also a great trigger to visualize efficiently. Lets say you want to attract money in order to purchase a new car. You can use music to help with that. Put in your headphones and crank up your iPod with the music you would blast in your new car with your windows down. The key is to try and find something material that you can relate to your decided outcome.

Determine what you will use the money for

I have noticed that I visualize best once I get crystal clear.  If you intend to attract money then visualize not only the money but the lifestyle too.

Ask yourself

How would my life be different with this money?

What clothes would I wear?

What car would I drive?

How would my home be furnished?

What activities would I do during my time off?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will have a much more vivid picture of how that money would change your life.

If you want to attract money in order to purchase a house, a car, clothes, whatever it might be, you have to already own it in your mind! Then go to an open house, test drive that car and try on those clothes. Take pictures, record the moment and make it a clear memory for you to go back on when you want to visualize. Saying you want to attract money just to have more of it is of little value. Money is meant to be spent, not hoarded.

Make a list, print out pictures, or cut out images from magazines of all the things you want to purchase with the money you will attract. This is important because the law of attraction works faster and easier when you are clear as to what you want. Take the time every day to look over what you intend to manifest.

The most important part of all of this is…

Consistency and clarity. Practice visualization every single day and do it with a clear goal in mind.

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