How to Lose Weight with the Law of Attraction

How to Lose Weight with the Law of Attraction

If you want to lose weight using the law of attraction then you’re in the right place because it allows anyone to have, be or do anything. You can create the life of your dreams and that includes a body that you are proud of too.

Anyone that is serious about losing weight with the law of attraction must first decide their ideal weight. This will set into motion your intention to lose weight which is extremely powerful. Take time to write down a weight that would make you feel happy and confident. Write this number down in a journal or notebook that you can look at every day.

The next step is to write down how your life will look because your life will change. Write down what your activities will be like, what kind of clothes you will wear, the foods you will eat or where you will go out to eat. You might have a more active lifestyle and have better fitting clothes. All of these tiny aspects of your life are extremely important to write down and become aware of.

Once you have set the intention of your ideal weight and wrote down what your life will look like then it is time to see it as a reality. You can see yourself at your ideal weight by visualizing effectively.  You can create a vision board based off of your list about your ideal life. Cut out images of the food you would eat, the clothes you would wear, the activities you would do and the lifestyle you would live. When you start to see your ideal weight as a reality then your mindset will shift to that truth and you will attract it.

The final step to lose weight using the law of attraction is to take action. After you set your intention of having your ideal weight, write down what you want your life to look like and see it through visualization then you must move towards it. The fastest way to attract what you desire is to move towards your desires physically. Look at the word attraction. It has the word action right in it. Write down a few simple actions you can do to start losing weight and act on them right now! It does not have to be anything drastic, maybe drink a glass of water or go for a walk.

Losing weight with the law of attraction is a combination of setting your intention, seeing it as a reality, and moving towards your desires. This process will guarantee your success in all areas of your life, not just your health and fitness.

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