Harness Your Focus

Harness your focus

Focus your thoughts on what you want and not on what you do not want.

The power of concentration in a single area in our lives has immense power. If you have ever seen the television show Extreme Weight Loss on ABC then you were a witness to just that. The people on the show are extremely overweight and most would think there is no turning back. By harnessing the power of their focus on a set goal, most succeed and achieve almost unrecognizable weight loss.

An important factor to add is that their overall weight loss goal is separated into smaller weight loss goals. Imagine how difficult it would be to lose 200 pounds right from the beginning. Anyone would be overwhelmed looking at such a huge number. Instead they focus on smaller, more attainable goals in a shorter amount of time. Reaching small goals eventually turns into big results.

Get the results you want

The first step is knowing what you want. You must be clear as to what you wish to attract with the law of attraction. If you are not clear then take the time to do this first. I have utilized the law of attraction many times with a poor idea of the outcome I wanted. Needless to say, my results were poor and I became very frustrated in the process. Make sure you know what your outcome is before starting.

Once you know what you want to attract then you can begin to really focus on it. What does it mean to focus on something. Well to focus on something means to make it your center of interest with your thoughts. When you focus on something you make it a dominating thought. The key is to have laser-like focus on whatever it is you wish to attract. If there is a lack in focus or there is focus spread out throughout other areas, you will most likely face difficulty.

Lets use the common example of attracting more money. Your focus should clearly be money. BIG PROBLEM THOUGH, this is where most people stop thinking about focus. Your focus should be much, much more than just money. It needs clarification. If money is the center of interest then it can go down multiple paths. We want it to go down just one, the one that leads to more money!

The point is to focus on the abundance of money, not the lack of it . I guarantee you will not attract more money by focusing on its lack. If you wish to attract a partner, your focus should not be that you do not have a partner. Your focus should be on the solution. It is okay to recognize the problem you wish to change, it is not okay to focus on that problem. Again, you must focus on the solution. This is a sure way that you can keep your mind from attracting unwanted results.

How to focus on the solution?

You might not know exactly what the solution might be, that is normal and you will eventually attract and find the solution. Almost everyone in history that ever achieved greatness did not know exactly how they would do it. What they did do was ask themselves really good questions. Let me explain…

If you ask yourself “why does this always happen to me?” or “why am I so unlucky?” or “why don’t I have the job I want?” then your mind will certainly answer those questions for you. This is the most disastrous kind of thinking. Ask yourself questions that focus on the solution of your problem and lead you to your expected outcome. Whatever your desire, you must ask yourself and the universe how to get it!

Instead of focusing on:

Why am I not making the money I want?

Why can I never save money?

Why haven’t I found love yet?

Change your focus to:

How can I earn the money I want to earn?

How can I learn to save more?

How can I meet someone who is a good match for me?

Doesn’t the “how” questions feel better than those “why” questions? Every question you ask yourself will be answered by your mind and by the universe. You might not always know how things will work out, but if you ask the right questions, things will work out right. You have the power to change the questions you ask yourself at any point to work in your favor.

One must be continuously aware of where focus is and the questions that surround it. It is then that we will begin to see the law of attraction work in magnificent ways.

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