Happiness & The Law of Attraction

Happiness & The Law of Attraction

Happiness and the law of attraction; what is the relationship and why is it so important?

The two are very related and very necessary to utilize the law of attraction effectively.

Lets first start off by saying that the happier you are the easier and faster it is to attract anything. I will repeat that again, the happier you are right now, the easier and faster the law of attraction works. Why is this so? Well it is simple, we attract whatever we focus on.

Let me explain

If you focus on negative things in your life, I can assure you that more negativity is right around the corner. The same is true if you focus on positive things. Therefore if you want to attract something positive you must think with that same frequency.

What frequency must I think on?

When you have a thought, you literally send that frequency into the universe. Your mind sends out energy which the universe returns to you in physical equivalent. So if you have negative thoughts of fear, doubt, or skepticism then those will all be on the same wave length. When you have positive thoughts of happiness, faith, and belief then those are on the same wave length too.

I am confident in stating that anyone living and using the law of attraction wants to attract positivity into their life either by possessions, experiences or people. If you want to attract positive things into your life you must feel positive. How can you feel positive? Simple, be happy.

Oh Michael, that’s easier said than done…

That’s what I thought too until I delved into what happiness really is.

The car, the house, the clothes, the partner, the job, the money…

This is what we are being told everyday will make us happy. We see it on television, in commercials, the internet, on billboards. Advertisers know that people do not buy things, rather the consumer is after the feeling it will give them. Does a person buy a Rolex watch because it’s a quality timepiece or do they buy it because it makes them feel a certain way? I would argue the latter. If a company is selling a product and can link positive emotions to purchasing that product, they have done their job. Advertisers know that people want happiness and often resort to buying in pursuit of it. We are conditioned to believe this but it is far from the truth.

Have you ever met someone and knew they had little money or material possessions yet they always were smiling? I know I have.

Have you ever met someone who seemed to have their whole life together and had everything material you could imagine but often was not happy? I know I have.

I think it is safe to say that happiness does not come from owning something, or being in relationship with someone else. Happiness comes from inside out, not outside in.

The rules

At one point I told myself, I’ll be happy when I make this kind of money or I’ll be happy when I drive this car. That was my recipe for disaster. I told myself “I will only be happy when I have this.” I literally put rules into place that stated what will cause my happiness. Looking back on it now, what a terrible way that was to think. I set myself up for unhappiness that entire time I was reaching for my goals. I chose to be unhappy the majority of the time between setting a goal and achieving it.

If we really think about life, most of our time spent will be in the pursuit of something. If we are only happy when we have acquired what we desire, then a majority of our lives will be lived unhappily. We must realize that happiness is a choice, a choice that we make every day. We can choose to express that emotion or express another.

We all make rules whether we are aware of it or not. We make rules about what must happen for a feeling to occur. Just like I made a rule about my happiness only available when I had something in my life. If everything in your life has to be perfect in order to feel happy, you will rarely feel that emotion. We can change the rules we set for ourselves. Instead, make it a point to be happy if you:

  • Wake up everyday
  • Feel the sun on your face
  • Spend time with family
  • Eat a delicious meal

Make it easy to be happy. Why make things so difficult? Change the rule for happiness to something simpler. Once you do that, you will experience joy on a whole new level and on a consistent basis.

Another tactic

Happiness is an emotion just like anger, jealousy, or fear. If I asked you to think of someone or something that hurt you in your past, will that bring up unpleasant emotions? Sure it will! You would dig into your memory bank and remember the hurt. Your mind will literally relive the pain you felt. Sometimes our memories can become so vivid that our body responds exactly as it did the day it happened. Remember, what you are feeling are emotions. You know what else is an emotion? You guessed it, HAPPINESS!

Now, take a minute to think of a happy memory. Maybe time spent with family, a vacation with your partner, playing with your puppy, anything! If you really think about that memory, doesn’t your mind relive it? Doesn’t your mind release those emotions of happiness just like the day you experienced it? Of course it does!

The key with controlling happiness is controlling focus. If you control your focus (Harness Your Focus) you can control anything. You and I have the freedom to focus on whatever we want. Choose to focus on happy memories and happy thoughts, then I can assure you your emotions will be aligned. However, choose to focus on negative memories and negative thoughts, your emotions will be aligned with that as well.

Quick tips for to change your focus to happiness

  1.  Change your facial expression right now. Put a stupid silly grin on your face. Do it right now, don’t think about who might be looking. Put a BIG GOOFY STUPID SILLY SMILE ON! There ya go! I bet you feel better than you did before. You can do the same thing with a frown. I guarantee if you make a frowning face long enough, you will start to feel sad or uncomfortable.
  2. Change the words you use on a regular basis. If people ask you how you are doing and you respond “I’m okay” or “hanging in there” then you will certainly feel like that. Change that response to “I’m fantastic” or ” ready for another great day.” Be aware of these small yet destructive habits. I guarantee your emotions will follow your words.
  3. Listen to happy music! Bob Marley’s “Don’t worry be happy” or Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz or whatever your taste in music is, put it on! As long as it puts a smile on your face and good words in your ears then listen to it! I am going to recommend a song that always calms me and at the same time makes me smile from ear to ear  – Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole

So we now know that in order to use the law of attraction to the best of our ability we must send out “good vibes” into the universe. We need to do so because we are attempting to attract other good things into out lives. Therefore we must match what we wish to attract with our thoughts and energy. The best and fastest way to attract something good is to feel good. How can we feel good? Well, make the decision to be happy with any of the strategies listed above. Once you are aware of this, happiness will flow in abundance and quite easily.

If there is one thing I wish readers will take away from this post it is this:

Everyone’s is meant to be happy. We have just been taught by advertisers we need their products to feel happy. Deep down we all know this is untrue. So go out into the world and be the happiest you while using the law of attraction for whatever your heart desires.

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One thought on “Happiness & The Law of Attraction

  1. Love it! The more people that learn happiness from within the better our world will be! Live life, love what you have while you have it. Love the job you have that doesn’t pay enough and love the car you have that backfires! Instead of swearing the guy that cuts you off in traffic, assume he must be in a hurry. Having negative feelings towards things or people only hurts yourself!

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