Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Why did I get fired?

How come my partner left me?

Why did I fail that test?

How come this happened?

Why did that happen?

Well, I’m sorry but I can’t answer any of those questions for you. I can’t tell you why something bad happened in your life but I can tell you this: bad things happen to everyone.

What the Law of Attraction does provide is a new perspective and the ability to choose the direction of your life. We can not always control external situations; however, we can control our response and attitude towards those situations.

Life is about choices

One of the most profound examples of choices is explained by Viktor E. Frankl. He was a prisoner in a concentration camp during the Holocaust and wrote the bestselling book Man’s Search for Meaning.

Throughout the book he explains that man can be stripped of everything except one thing: “the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Frankl comes to the conclusion that having hope in the future and the right attitude can pull people out of the darkest of situations. He also determines that there is a deep meaning to suffering.

There is meaning to suffering

Frankl discusses his own sufferings throughout the book. From being beaten and starved at the whim of the SS guards to being forced to work extreme conditions. But the worst of all was not knowing whether his wife was alive or dead.

Frankl writes: “If there is a meaning in life at all, then there must be a meaning in suffering. Suffering is an ineradicable part of life even as fate and death. Without suffering and death human life cannot be complete.”

He also explains that “the way in which man accepts his fate and all the suffering it entails, the way in which he takes up his cross, gives him ample opportunity – even under the most difficult circumstances to add a deeper meaning to his life. Here lies the chance for a man either to make use of or to forgo the opportunities of attaining the moral values that a difficult situation may afford him. And this decides whether he is worthy of his sufferings or not.”

It’s true that most people have faced some hardship at one point in their lives. But isn’t it also true that in some way, if you truly look for the answer, that hardship has positively impacted your life?

If you were neglected as a child, maybe you have learned to give your deepest love to your children.

If you were once homeless, maybe you regularly volunteer at a homeless shelter.

If you were fired, maybe it gave you the push to finally start your own business.

Remember the quote “If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger?” As cliché as that is we all know it’s true.

Sometimes it just takes a little time and a different perspective to realize the opportunity within the difficulty.

How to keep hope alive when things are falling apart

You and I need to know how to stay strong during any challenging situation. Viktor Frankl survived not only physical torture but mental torture too and he clearly tells us how to resist losing hope.

Frankl describes his use of visualization in the concentration camp. “I became disgusted with the state of affairs which compelled me, daily and hourly, to think of only such trivial things. I forced my thoughts to turn to another subject. Suddenly I saw myself standing on the platform of a well-lit, warm and pleasant lecture room. In front of me sat an attentive audience on comfortable upholstered seats. I was giving a lecture on the psychology of the concentration camp. All that oppressed me at the moment became objective, seen and described from the remote viewpoint of science. By this method I succeeded somehow in rising above the situation, above all sufferings of the moment, and I observed them as if they were already of the past.”

What incredible power there is in visualization!

The same tool that gave Viktor Frankl hope in an almost hopeless situation is available to everyone.

Everyone has the ability to choose their attitude towards any situation.

Everyone has the ability to search for meaning in a challenging or painful situation.

Everyone has the ability to see hope in their future.

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