Ask Believe Receive Explained

Ask Believe Receive

In the movie “The Secret” we are told exactly what the secret is; the law of attraction. We are told that the law of attraction manifests our thoughts into physical reality. Those who are aware of it use it to their advantage. Those who are unaware are usually subject to their uncontrolled thoughts. After the secret is explained, we are told in order to use this natural law of the universe we must first ask, then believe, and finally receive. However, these directions were too vague for me. I wanted to know exactly what I needed to do so I found out how.


The beginning to using the law of attraction starts with asking. You must ask the universe what you want. Know exactly what you want and write it down. Next, write it in a notebook or place it on a poster board, somewhere you will see it every single day. Do not be vague when describing your dreams. The clearer it is the better. If you wish to use the law of attraction for a car then write down the make, model, year, color, manual or automatic, etc. If you wish to attract a partner then write down their characteristics, hair color, eye color, height, etc. If you wish to attract more money, write down how much you want and by when. Make it clear to yourself and the universe what you want.

The next part is to ask every day! When I say ask everyday I mean to read your statements out loud a minimum of twice per day. When you read your statement daily you must mix positive joyful emotions with it.  It will be pointless to read just the words with no emotions. The law of attraction does not respond to that. Imagine how you would feel, what your emotions would be like if you attracted what you wanted. Now use those same emotions when repeating your statement. The more you feel like you are already in possession of it and put that energy into the universe, the faster the law of attraction works.


This part was by far the most difficult part to master and it is also why I am so excited to share the strategies I’ve learned!

In “The Secret” we are told to believe you can have it. That was easier said than done. I have applied the law of attraction for things I thought were within the realm of my capabilities. But what about those BIG DREAMS? Those dreams that you just have no idea how this is going to happen or work out. Those are the dreams that need a little more encouragement and a little more belief.

You can ask the universe for whatever you want, anything you can imagine. Millions of dollars, a mansion, a yacht, travel around the world, you can ask for it. That is the easy part, the hard part is creating belief in yourself. If you do not believe you can manifest something, you never will. If you believe you can manifest something, it will.

Incantations are the remedy for the problem which many people face; doubt.

Incantations are powerful and emotional statements that we can use to program the mind to believe anything through repetition. Incantations are not like affirmations which tell you to just read something over and over. Reading a phrase or statement repeatedly without any emotions will most likely get you what you want but it will often take much longer. We are focusing on the tactics and strategies that work as fast as possible. Incantations on the other hand are far more effective if used properly.

A general incantation to help remove doubt can go something like this:

“I know for a fact that I am capable of achieving my goal of _________. I am confident in my ability to do so and demand that I make it a reality. I will accept nothing less and no one can or will ever hold me back from attaining it.”

**The underlined words are meant to be stated with high intensity**

When making your incantation statement do not make it passively. Stand up, walk around, state it LOUDLY, blast some “feel good” music, move your arms, use every part of your body, and use your emotions. This will be far more effective than reading a statement in your bed quietly. The reason for this is because you are attempting to influence your subconscious mind into removing all doubt in your ability to achieve or attain something.

Did you know that when two people meet for the first time, the most certain person is the one that influences the other? Picture yourself trying to influence your subconscious mind. The only way to do so effectively is with certainty. Incantations are meant to be stated with an abundance of emotion, intensity and most of all certainty. You must use your body and you voice to do so.

Incantations, if consistent and properly used, can remove doubts and replace them with belief. If you want to believe that you can lose weight then you can do that. The same goes for attracting money, a partner, a house, a car, job, etc.

Along with your “want” statement , it is a must that you state your incantations out loud daily to ensure your belief in your ability to acquire it.


Now it is time to reap the rewards…

But before you receive anything they must be ready for it. You can be ready for it through visualization.The fastest and most effective way to feel as if you are already in possession of it is through visualization. Visualization is like a muscle which you must train. It might seem difficult at first but you will get better with practice. I have noticed that I visualize best once I get crystal clear as to what I want and know what it looks like. If you intend to attract money (How to Visualize Money) then picture not only the money but the lifestyle.

Ask yourself

How would my life be different with this money?

What clothes would I wear?

What car would I drive?

How would my home be furnished?

What activities would I do during my time off?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will have a much more vivid picture of how that money would change your life.

Also, You must be ready to act on situations, people, or ideas that you attract which will help your cause. When using the law of attraction, some kind of action will be required. For example, if there is a specific job you intend to attract then you would need to become aware of that job. If there are no job openings for that position, you might call or stop in to talk to someone that can help you. Maybe you will attract someone who can help you get a foot in the door. Whatever the situation might be, you must be aware of it. You might have to get even more creative in your approach but do not question exactly how it will happen, just know that it will happen. When you are aware and encounter it, you must act. After you act you must continue to persist until it is completely yours.

The three step summary

  1. Ask – Write down exactly what you want and state it out loud with emotion
  2. Believe – Believe you can have it, if you don’t believe, trick your mind with incantations, repetition will turn doubt to belief
  3. Receive – Visualize vividly and prepare to take action in order to make your thoughts reality.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a firm beliver of Secret & I know it always works.
    However i find it difficult to Feel It & Belive It Completely.
    What should I do ???
    Please give me some Different or Unique advice about how should I feel & belive it completely…
    Thanks in Advance.

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