How to Activate the Law of Attraction with Gratitude

Law of Attraction Gratitude

You can manifest anything you desire with the law of attraction. Whether you want a new career, new house, a specific relationship or more money, the law of attraction can help you get there. The key to using the law of attraction is to use you mind, thoughts and emotions to focus your energy on manifesting what you desire. One of the best tools to help you achieve this is gratitude. It is a proven method for raising your vibrational frequency.

Why gratitude is critical to your law of attraction success

Without gratitude, you can be left in a permanent state of dissatisfaction and disappointment with your life. This will only attract more dissatisfaction and disappointment in your life. However, if you are consistently grateful, you will have a more positive mentality. This shift in your thinking will attract more things in your life that you will have to be grateful about.  Gratitude is a fast and easy way to avoid unwanted dissatisfaction and disappointment and enhance positivity in your life.

Why gratitude works so well

Gratitude and the law of attraction are a perfect combination for one another. The reason is because it shifts your focus from ‘scarcity’ to ‘abundance.’  Let’s say that you are working at a job that you hate and wish to manifest new job opportunities. Instead of always complaining about how much you hate your job and how much you wish you had a better job, practice an attitude of gratitude. Once you are grateful for the job you currently have it can shift your mindset and vibration which makes manifesting much easier and faster. With gratitude, you are no longer feeling bothered and annoyed by your current job. Instead, focus on what the current job has done for you. It gives you a paycheck, you use that to put food on the table, a roof over your head, and you have a job while researching new job opportunities. Can you see how much better that feels instead of focusing on how much you hate your work? This can open up the floodgates for a career you’re in love with!

How to effectively practice gratitude.

The best way to practice gratitude is by making it a habit. When you make it a habit, you train your mind to always focus on the best things in your life. This steers your thinking away from disappointment related to not having what you desire to attract.

You can easily make gratitude a habit by designating a time to become aware of the amazing things that you have in your life right now. I prefer to do this in the morning because it sets the rest of my day up for success. The next step  is to get a journal or notebook. Sit down and begin to write out everything that you have to be grateful for. Writing out what you’re grateful for can be very powerful because you will become aware of things you never really thought about before. However, don’t just write out words and move on. Write out what you’re grateful for and really focus on it. Focus on how good it makes you feel to have it and how luck you are. This exercise will enhance your mood exponentially!

The law of attraction can be optimized with simple habits like gratitude. It allows you to create a positive energy about yourself and makes manifesting what you desire much easier. Start incorporating this into your life and you will begin to see the endless possibilities.

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