3 Ways to Create Unstoppable Belief in Yourself

Do you have unstoppable belief in your ability to manifest your dreams? If not then read on…

Just like the movie ‘The Secret’ states, in order to attract something you must Ask, Believe, & Receive. The most critical and most challenging part of the equation is belief. This is a huge struggle for a lot of people. How do you create belief in your ability to manifest a lot of money? How do you create belief in your ability to attract your perfect life?  Luckily for us the human mind is like a computer which you can easily program.

Here are 3 proven ways to create unstoppable belief in your ability to manifest anything you want.

1) Incantations

Incantations are powerful and emotional statements that are meant to create certainty and belief through repetition. Incantations are similar to affirmations but are much more powerful if applied properly. Affirmations tell you to read a statement over and over, but let’s be honest, that can get boring. It is difficult to influence your subconscious mind if you’re reading a dull statement over and over.

Incantations are powerful because you use your entire body, voice and energy. Start by writing out a statement of something you would like to believe or attract. Write it out in the present tense as though it already happened and insert words that give you the feeling of having it.

For example if you want to manifest more money then you can write: “I am confidently and happily checking my bank account as I make a deposit of $10,000.”

Or “God’s wealth is flowing to me through avalanches of abundance.”

Again, you can write down anything you want, it is up to you!

Next, memorize the statement and repeat it at least 3 times daily. Once when you wake up, in the middle of the day and just before going to sleep.

As you recite your statement you must do so using your body, voice and high energy. Stand up, move your body, use a strong voice and your highest level of energy as you confidently recite your incantation. If you do this consistently you will replace doubt with belief.

2) Seeing is Believing 

The next way you can create belief is through effective visualization because you literally play out a situation in your mind before it happens. With visualization, you can feel what it’s like to already have attained your desire.

Roger Bannister was the 1st person ever to run a sub-four minute mile. He would train as much as his body would allow him but he could never beat a 4 minute mile. So he started to use his mind. He would go there in his mind and visualize himself running a mile in less than 4 minutes. Where his body could not go, he took his mind. Eventually he reached his goal and ran a mile in 3 min 59.4 seconds. 2 years later, 37 other people did too.

Today, kids in high school are running 4 minute miles. But before Roger Bannister it was not a common belief that it was even possible. It is all because people knew beating a 4 minute mile was possible because Roger Bannister did it. But before that, Bannister had to know it was possible in his mind first.

Consistent visualization builds a huge amount of certainty in one’s ability to attain whatever they desire. When you create certainty, this allows anyone to tap their full potential. When full potential is tapped people take action they get great results. And when you achieve your desire, your mind tells you “see I told you it could be done.” All because you witnessed the end result of your desire.

3) Borrow Experiences

Have you ever wondered why some people can go from earning millions per year, to flat broke and in massive debt, back to making millions? The reason this is possible is because they’ve had the experience before. They knew that earning millions was possible.

If you have never experienced earning millions yourself or become consciously aware of someone else’s experience and applied it to your life then you are most likely limited with that belief. You simply don’t have the experiences to create certainty and belief in yourself.

An easy way to create belief is by borrowing someone else’s experiences because if one person can manifest something, we all can!

If you want to start your own bakery then find a mentor who has operated a successful bakery.

If you want your dream job then find a person who has it and reverse engineer what they did.

If you want to earn millions then find a role model and learn how they did it.

Use the experiences of successful people to your advantage! You can either find someone in person or even read. Plenty of successful people write books and have documentaries. I guarantee that if you immerse yourself in those experiences you will have a brand new belief in yourself!

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